Parks Canada website renewal


Migrate 30,000 web pages to a new content management system, improve the site’s information architecture, apply the Government of Canada’s WET4 template and work with 30 internet officers to update the content for over 300 location sub-sites in time for the 2017 season.

In other words, a very big project to complete in one year.

Tasks and deliverables

All activities required close collaboration with design and technical leads and a thorough understanding of audience needs, top tasks, and the visitor experience cycle.

Information architecture tasks
  • New information architecture based on top tasks and user needs.
  • New navigation structures (megamenu, footer, contextual menus, breadcrumbs).
  • Coordinating content inventories mapped with analytics for ROT exercises.
  • Creating site maps for national and location content.
  • Migration mapping existing content to the new information architecture.
  • Standardizing filename usage.
  • Documenting short URLs and redirects required.
Instructions and workflows

To communicate decisions, I developed detailed instruction documents.

  • Content templates that included wireframes and mock-ups provided by the design team.
  • Guidance for evaluating content inventories and performing ROT exercises.
  • Using Gather Content to input revised content during the publishing freeze.
Communications and quality assurance tasks
  • Creating a Sharepoint forum to discuss common issues and post instructions.
  • Regular calls with internet officers to offer support, advice and project updates.
  • Leveraged Trello and Bugherd to complete quality assurance prior to launch.


  • Launched on-time before the 2017 season opening
  • Web Team was nominated for a Parks Canada CEO Award

Date: April 2017


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