My name is Lana and I’m a web content strategist.

I work on web content planning, information design and site architecture for Parks Canada.

I enjoy design thinking, project strategy and finding creative solutions. I am a firm believer that delight is in the details while delivering on big picture projects.

As a full-time advocate for the our web visitors, I guide content owners to create engaging web content that meets the needs of real people.

I get to work with a range of professionals from climate scientists to historians, videographers, marketing officers, product development teams, design staff and web developers (and more!) every day.

Skills I offer


Digital content strategy

Researching and creating experiences that are task-oriented and easy to use. Understanding user needs.

Information architecture

Card sorting, tree jack, site maps.

User-centred design

Building user journeys and process flowcharts. Optimizing content design for the best end-to-end experience.


Working in cross-functional groups, communicating with remote team members, building collaborative workspaces.