Calendar blocking a weekly workplan

Our content and design team set an internal goal to spend 40% of our work week on projects that will improve top tasks on our website. We’re a small team and respond to a high volume of day-to-day publishing requests. After we set our 40% project work goal, the next step that I took was…


Analyzing survey comments using Airtable

We ran a usability survey in the fall that included an open field for comments.  These comments are invaluable to get a reality check on how the website is serving our visitors. And the comments were plentiful. Like most of our other work, the web team is not the business owner for different areas of…


Web team workflow using Trello, Zapier and Airtable

Last year, I wrote about our Trello workflow and set-up. After a year of use, I’ve made some updates to improve how we label our tasks and roll up reports for senior management. Welcome to Trello 2.0. About our team We have a distributed work team with employees in several different provinces. Trello is what…

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