Passes product page usability iterations

The passes page is a key piece of content for revenue generation.  After the year of free admission in 2017, the purpose of the page returned to informing visitors about the annual passes and special promotions. The content was then optimized for search engines and mobile usability.


Improved search results
Keyword analysis showed we were missing important terms in our page title an body content.

Better mobile experience
Fully optimized for mobile.

Highlighted promotions
Cost saving promotions were highlighted to be more visible.

Clear path to conversion
Make it easy to order online or buy a pass in person.


  • Single purpose page
  • Worked well during 2017 free admission
  • The return to pricing required a change in approach


  • Clearer calls to action
  • Buttons for actions
  • Inspiring choice of visuals
  • Promotions highlighted


    • Search engine optimized
    • Standardized button microcopy
Who was involved?

      • Promotions team
      • Pricing team
      • Web team
Web team role

      • Keyword research and SEO
      • Improved microcopy on calls to action
      • Mobile-friendly layout

      • Improved page findability in search engines
      • Time sensitive promotions are easy to find
      • Related information on daily admission fees was added
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