2018 Passes and permits


As a key destination page to learn about and order season permits, the page needed to clearly show the four user options and highlight new promotions for the 2018 season AND be optimized for a mobile-first experience.

URL: http://pc.gc.ca/en/voyage-travel/admission

Reduce frustration
Clearly describes choices.

Better experience
Fully optimized for mobile.

Highlight promotions
Make cost saving promotions visible.

Complete task
Order a pass or have enough information to make a trip planning decision.





  • Single purpose page
  • Worked well during 2017 free admission
  • The return to pricing required a change in approach


  • Clearer calls to action
  • Buttons for actions
  • Diversity of visuals
  • Mobile first design
  • Promotions highlighted


Who was involved?

  • Promotions team
  • Pricing team
  • Web team
Web team role

  • Repurposed 2017 admission page with high search ranking
  • Edited content to be more scannable
  • Improved microcopy on calls to action
  • Mobile-friendly layout

  • Improved mobile experience
  • Visitors can easily navigate to the passes ordering site
  • Time sensitive promotions are easy to find
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