Web strategy for cannabis (2018)

New regulations for cannabis usage came into effect in October, 2018. To let visitors know what’s allowed and not allowed when visiting a Parks Canada location, it was important to have a single page that outlined the different rules across the country and within some municipalities.

The web strategy took into consideration that some locations required additional content or had additional municipal complexities.  A short URL was established to use on printed signage posted at parks and sites.

URL: https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/voyage-travel/securite-safety/cannabis

Create web strategy for national and location pages
Ensured the web strategy  was aligned with visitor safety, corporate communications and social media requirements.

Collaborate with field staff
Some sites had complex municipal and national rules to communicate. The content strategy needed to be flexible to support local needs.

Publish a link to new regulations on over 200 sub-sites
A link to the national page on cannabis needed to be published from every park and historic site webpage simultaneously.

Page level

  • SEO optimized
  • Organized by province / territory
  • Copy is as minimal as possible.

Visual detail

  • Standardized list of content elements
  • Use of icons and colour to assist scannability
  • Plain language review of content
Who was involved?

  • Visitor safety team
  • Corporate communications
  • Field Units
  • Web team
What we did

  • Campaign short URL
  • Metadata for SEO and Open Graph
  • Content and visual design
  • Field Unit web instructions

  • Consistent content and visual approach.
  • Visitors could quickly compare the cannabis rules across the country from a single page.
  • Content design allows flexibility for new municipal or site-level restrictions.
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